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"Aeroflot" implements IT innovations
"Euroset" is open to new IT-projects
"Globus's" рriority is all business processes modernization
"Ozon.ru": live and buy online
"Udmurtenergo" IT-automation – a tool to improve power supply reliability
2013 year is a moment of information processes stabilization in Vologda region
3D reweapons production
События (4)

All-over-IP Expo 2015: a Whirlwind View of the Future
Casket of impressions from Huawei
Mobile World Congress: trends and prospects
The meeting of the Editorial Council
Исследование (1)

Telecommunications 2015 – forecast
Безопасный город (10)

Best solution architecture of Smart City
Connectivity is always and everywhere: the integration of different types of communication is defending the cause of security
Intellectual infrastructure of city networks
Many-sided "Safe city"
Positioning and monitoring systems
Prospects for the development of a comprehensive system Safe City
Safe city: monitoring and alert to emergency response
Системы хранения данных (1)

Storage Systems: current trends and new approaches
Решения корпоративного класса (84)

5 years later: the quality standard
A reality-specific outsourcing in the bank Modern banking IT power
Agile infrastructure for dynamic business
Always in touch with the patient
Big Data – let the genie out of the bottle
Choosing a reliable supplier of HD-LED screens
Cloud model as a source of business transformation
Облака (11)

Application performance is critical for business
Are clouds a competitive advantage of large companies or a means of optimizing costs for SMEs
Business continuity in the cloud
Cloud Forecast 2016
Cloud technologies: do not let the risk limit your flexibility
Corporate vs. hybrid cloud: CIO gets to chose
Does big business turn to public clouds?
Центры обработки данных (ЦОД) (24)

A local service in cellular communication networks
A new era of data center construction
Billing in Data Centers
Building or leasing a data center: pro et contra
Building your own data center or rent server hardware?
Challenges and prospects for the data center operating in Russia
Cloud storage by HUAWEI
Call-центры (13)

Advantages and disadvantages of contact centrs
Call centers today. The balance between costs and quality
Cloud contact centers: a ready tool to solve modern problems
Geography is expanding – the quality consistently
Good service is a ticket to customer loyalty
Optimal costs vs. сustomer loyalty increase in сontact center management
Outsourced call-center: yesterday, today and tomorrow
Оборудование и технологии (6)

Experience to ensure the use of the radio spectrum during the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games
Import substitution of special purpose
Modern trends of radio relay communication
On digital radio protocol stacks and the possibility of their implementation in import substitution circumstances
Originally developed APCO-P25 Digital Radio Controller DRC-1000 with simulcast capability
Radiokupol+ – digital evolution
Учрежденческие АТС (1)

Present and future of IP-PBX: the requirements of customers and the possibilities of vendors
Unified Communications (11)

MANGO OFFICE: geography enlargement without compromise
Multi Substitution: prospects of AV-systems
Solutions for service quality and productivity management in contact centers
The future of dispatching communications in the energy industry
Unified communication as a way of life
Unified Communications as a key to business efficiency
Unified communications evolution: new challenges
Обзоры, прогнозы, мнения (11)

4G LTE networks and the prospects for the emergence and development of fifth-generation mobile networks (5G)
Absoluteful Internet of Things
Analytical review of the Internet of Things protocols
CIO job demand
Internet of Things: opportunities and threats
IoT market. Many forecasts, but no consensus
Prospects of broadband services introduction in the PMR networks on the basis of LTE
Безопасная связь (2)

Network attacks: damage methodologies for enterprises
People security at mass events
Итоги, достижения (1)

IT and telecom results 2014
Системы связи (2)

Revolutionary modernization of public safety info-communications networks with using LTE technology
The introduction of TETRA systems in enterprises of railway transport
Кабели связи, кабельное оборудование (5)

Creation features of the secure optical fiber trunking systems (OFTS) for the transmission of the information with restricted access
Current State and prospects of development of cable industry in Russia
Main trends of cable industry in 2014
Optical cable manufacrure in crisis conditions. Present state of events and trends
SCS: classical instrument in the new IT reality
Решения операторского класса (67)

200G and 400G systems for data centers
4G: Condition of the market, dynamic development of technologies (LTE-Advanced)
5G: Image of future systems the mobile communication Part 2
5G: Image of future systems the mobile communication. Part 1
A Chance for Domestic Manufacturees
A world without wires: new speed and Wi-Fi capabilities
Achieving competitive advantage in telecommunications market
Источники бесперебойного питания (ИБП) (1)

Evolution of UPS systems in the data center
Спутниковая связь (113)

"RuSat": We are working in all circumstances
"Tricolor TV" – the engine of the digital TV market
About Audio satellite broadcasting
About HTS satellites
About incentives and trends of VSAT development in Russia
About metamaterial-based phased array antennas in the Ka-band
Analysis LEO-HTS systems and feasibility of phased array antennas for the subscriber terminal