Issues List

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016

Analysis LEO-HTS systems and feasibility of phased array antennas for the subscriber terminal pages 14-26

Foundations of growth pages 27

Laying the Groundwork for HTS pages 28-29

Cost-effective projects and proposals prioritized by Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications pages 30

Are multisatellite systems LEO-HTS: "disruptive innovation" in the field of satellite communications or bubble? pages 32-36

Analytical review of opinions: "The immediate future of satellite communication" pages 37-39

Russian segment of Inmarsat satellite system pages 40-41

Attenuation on the satellite lines of the Ka-, Q- and V-bands pages 42-43

Satellite direct TV broadcasting in the United States, Europe and Russia pages 44-49

JUPITER System for 3G/LTE networks pages 50-51

Full-motion antenna systems of RadiComm Technologies Ltd. pages 52-54

New universal antennas for Ku- and Ka-band pages 55

Quick Deploy Flyaway VSAT Station SNARK-100 pages 57

The tasks and directions of development VSAT-TEL pages 57-58

Choosing a reliable insurer the key to success pages 60-61

Business Models and Value Chains as Applied to the Contemporary Satellite Applications pages 62-66

TV Broadcast via modern russian satellites pages 67

New technological trends of the Earth remote sensing pages 68-70

Features of construction and operation of the orbital constellation of satellite communications systems pages 72-87

Issues List