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Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #1, 2014

Mobile World Congress: trends and prospects pages 8-9

Casket of impressions from Huawei pages 10-11

Volvo Car: stay in touch with your car pages 12-13

New purposes in development of transport branch pages 14-16

IT defends the cause of passenger comfort pages 17-18

Guarding airports' safety and passengers comfort pages 19

"Aeroflot" implements IT innovations pages 20-21

Evolution of data storage system in modern conditions: requirements, criteria, forecasts pages 22-24

Virtualization of server capacities pages 26-27

Modern IP Office for competitive business pages 28-30

Videoconferencing changes rules of the game pages 32

IT Directors' Salary Review pages 33

Tendencies of the Russian B2B-market of a fixed-line telephony B2B was recorded in clouds pages 34-35

Russian IaaS market pages 36

Some features of analogue-digital professional radio communications networks pages 38-39

Feedback on customer reviews pages 40

New application of NFC-smartphone: from payments to the opening of doors and access to data pages 41-43

IPTV/OTT a versatile solution for telecom operator pages 44-45

Achieving competitive advantage in telecommunications market pages 46-47

Delay of data transmission in modern long-distance networks pages 48-50

A Chance for Domestic Manufacturees pages 51

Platforms for next-generation optical transport networks supporting DWDM technology pages 52-53

Advantages of UWB Signals pages 54-57

Tendencies of development of satellite communication pages 58

Tricolor TV: results 2013, strategy 2014 pages 59

Measurement of radiation characteristics of large antenna using UAVs pages 60-65

Effective frequency signals in satellite radio communication pages 66-73

Issues List