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Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #3, 2014

Mosenergo’s priorities – production automation and information security pages 8-9

The evolution of the data center: customers’ priorities, possibilities for producers and integrators pages 10-14

Energy efficiency of data-center pages 15-17

Billing in Data Centers pages 18-19

GPON: technology of the future in Russia pages 20-21

Modern Videoconferencing Formula: the Distributed Software Platform + WebRTC pages 22

On a way to IT-modernization of science and development pages 24

Local positioning technologies pages 26-30

Digital mobile radio of Russia pages 31

Recall of Customer pages 32-33

From the spectrum regulation to radio management pages 34-37

Review of IT/Telecom labor market pages 40

CIO job demand pages 41

The analysis of the Russian PABX (private automatic branch exchange) market following the results of 2013 pages 42

4G LTE networks and the prospects for the emergence and development of fifth-generation mobile networks (5G) pages 43-45

Prospects of broadband services introduction in the PMR networks on the basis of LTE pages 46-47

Russian operators’ strategies to modernize the backbone networks pages 48-49

Modification of orbit "Tundra" for service in Russia and its stability analysis pages 50-56

Evaluation of the group velocity of electromagnetic wave propagation in an inhomogeneous transmission line: the effect of superluminal propagation pages 57-59

Mobile satellite solutions of RadioComm Technologies Ltd pages 60-61

Use of satellite broadband access for work with private and corporate clients pages 62-63

Issues List