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Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #4, 2016

IT development in retail with a mind pages 6-7

In a whirlwind of regulatory changes pages 8-10

Dispatching centers construction: fundamentals and trends pages 12-17

Enterprise mobility: managing mobile services for corporate clients pages 12-14

Choosing a reliable supplier of HD-LED screens pages 17

What can offer IT- and telecom companies to Russian customers in the area of IoT? pages 18-19

IoT market. Many forecasts, but no consensus pages 20-24

Internet of Things: opportunities and threats pages 25-27

Absoluteful Internet of Things pages 28-31

Analytical review of the Internet of Things protocols pages 32-37

Radiokupol+ digital evolution pages 40-41

Import substitution of special purpose pages 42-44

On digital radio protocol stacks and the possibility of their implementation in import substitution circumstances pages 45-47

Radiocommunications for the financial sector pages 38

Are the plastic manholes capable to replace the reinforced concrete manholes pages 48-52

Interference resistance of control channel PUCCH 2/2a/2b LTE pages 54-57

VSAT development trends pages 58

Customer-oriented attitude "Tricolor TV" pages 59

Application of LTE technology for the VSAT-networks development pages 60-66

Issues List