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Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #5, 2014

Big Data as an evident trend of IT in the financial sector pages 12-14

Banks become more mobile, and their services become more available pages 15-17

Nordea Bank maximum convenience for customers pages 18-19

Specificity of brewing industry IT-solutions pages 20

The current state and the future of system integration in Russia pages 22-23

Outsourcing: who gains and why? pages 24-26

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are coming to Russian market pages 27-29

Open networks: the end of the proprietary technologies monopoly pages 30-31

Influence of market drivers to the efficiency of BPM in the SMB pages 32-33

The future of dispatching communications in the energy industry pages 34-36

MANGO OFFICE: geography enlargement without compromise pages 37

Unified Communications as a key to business efficiency pages 38-41

Solutions for service quality and productivity management in contact centers pages 42

Amendments to the Federal Law on Communications pages 50

Testing of OSS/BSS solutions in a telecom: concepts of the organization of a test environment pages 52-53

Market billing what's next? pages 54-55

General state and prospects of development the networks 3G (UMTS/HSPA +) pages 56-60

Copper conductor cables: market demand pages 61-63

Research of linear HD-broadcasting audience in Russia pages 64-66

VSAT-stations: application and possibilities pages 68-70

Issues List