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Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #6, 2015

All-over-IP Expo 2015: a Whirlwind View of the Future pages 6-9

The meeting of the Editorial Council pages 10

The development of ICT projects in the Republic of Dagestan pages 12-15

More than a hundred of ICT projects in Yekaterinburg pages 16-18

Information and Communication Technologies in Moscow: results of 2015 and prospects for development pages 19-21

Citywide data center: functionality and availability of cloud services pages 22-23

The areas of common interests between retail and the public sector pages 25

FAS controls the IT and communications market pages 26-27

Trends and innovations of modern contact centers market pages 28-30

The past and future of contact centers pages 31-33

Cloud contact centers: a ready tool to solve modern problems pages 34-35

Optimal costs vs. ñustomer loyalty increase in ñontact center management pages 36-37

Agile infrastructure for dynamic business pages 38-40

How can cloud telephony help business to grow? pages 41

Take 5’ to optimise your Enterprise Wi-Fi performance pages 42-44

The effective contact-center pages 45

Mobile office today: technological capabilities and return on investments pages 46-47

Computational power of data center: reduce costs pages 48-49

TCO optimization of the data center: the top 10 current trends of optimization pages 50-52

Data Center. Automate or save money pages 53

New technological solutions for the data center pages 54-55

The improvement of the Ethernet network’s reliability and performance using STP protocols family pages 56-58

Offload Topical business model based on the Wi-Fi Offload pages 59

Fixed broadband: the forecasts of the industry in the world for the period up to 2025 pages 60

Russian projects at mobile satellite FSS: history and prospects pages 62-64

Issues List