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History restrictions on the use of imported technologies, systems and satellite communications equipment in the Russian Federation Regulatory characteristics and key elements
Today, many common words published on sanctions in the field of high technology and satellite communications in particular. It seems that the earlier restrictions were not, and today they appeared.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2015 / стр.26-32

Iskra goes to the mass market for satellite communications

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2015 / стр.24-25

High throughput satellites

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2015 / стр.22-23

On the market of remote sensing of the Earth from space and its legal regulation. Will the development of the Russian market of remote sensing happen?
Presents estimates of development and market trends typical system of satellite remote sensing. Summarizes the plans to increase Russian constellation of remote sensing and briefly analyzes the regulations governing the market of remote sensing in Russia.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2015 / стр.16-20

The peculiarity of video conferencing via satellite communication channel
This article is attempted to compare the main characteristics of video conference systems, concerning to communication channel`s requirements, with one’s appurtenant to satellite based dual-way links.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.92-93

Satellite Internet: new opportunities

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.88-90

News, trends, assessments

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.84-0

Strong positions of Russian satellite sector
In the interview for "Satellite Communication & Broadcasting" Commercial Director of "Tricolor TV" Sergey Stavropoltsev talks about the competitiveness of different broadcasting directions, features of customization in the regions of Russia and most norther subscribers of "Tricolor TV".

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.82-84

Multifunctional system for personal satellite communication Gonets-D1M: current state and prospects
Provides information about LEO satellite system "Gonets D1M" and its subsystems. Examine the technical parameters of the space segment and customer segment.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.72-78

Multibeam antenna systems of high throughput geostationary communications satellites (HTS)
Briefly analyzes the development of multibeam satellite systems of fixed-satellite service. The review of antenna systems of high throughput satellites (HTS), and analysis of technical solutions used in their implementation in Ku and Ka-bands.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.54-67

About HTS satellites
Gives brief information about the satellites type HTS (recent launches and the next starts). Analysis this information shows that the system implemented by satellite based HTS, it has formed a new technological direction of satellite communications.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.50-51

Spacecraft service area modeling for constellations based on "Tundra"
A brief analysis of the Russian projects of mobile satellite communications. Noted that the rationale for the technical deci- sions taken in these projects require additional objective analysis.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.44-49

Combined LEO satellite communication system and monitoring, including the Arctic region

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.38-40

Technological trends in the fixed-satellite service

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.36-37

On problems of satellite communications and broadcasting in the Arctic
Provides an overview of the projected requirements for satellite telecommunications systems in the Arctic. Discusses the tasks and problems of implementation of satellite systems for the Arctic.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.24-31

On the possibility how to organize the mobile communication from HEO satellites in Ku-band
The article discusses the technical possibility of organizing a mobile communication system in the Russian Federation from satellites in high elliptical orbit.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.18-20

Projects of multifunctional space systems for arctic regions

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2014 / стр.16-17

Latency of data transmission in LEO constellation with physical transfer of the message on board of a spacecraft Part 2
Based on the results of simulation performed by the example of raw data corresponding to the configuration of low-orbit communications system "Gonets" the first part of the article [1] described the results of the evaluation of efficiency transmission of short messages from the subscriber to the subscriber without the participation of the earth gateway terminals as a mediator.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #2, 2015 / стр.72-75

Typical VSAT solutions for rural areas
During the current difficult economic situation, as well as stimulation of import substitution, there are serious prerequisites for the development of agriculture.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #2, 2015 / стр.68-71

The favorable development in conjunction with the INTERSPUTNIK

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #2, 2015 / стр.67-0

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