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Analysis LEO-HTS systems and feasibility of phased array antennas for the subscriber terminals

The paper presents the results of the analysis of LEO-HTS systems based on alleged technical data and media reports. Technical parameters and cost of phased arrays are estimated for subscriber terminals intended for OneWeb and SpaceX systems. It is shown that the price of the user terminals (below $300) announced by investors of these projects not achievable at the level of modern technology.Itis possible to predict some cost reduction for the user terminal of SpaceX system, but it requires significant investments.However, previously need to be resolved the problem of EMC systems LEO-HTS.

Valentin Anpilogov Deputy General Director JSC ôVSAT-TEL", Ph.D., associate professor
Alexandr Shishlov Head of Department OJSC ôRadiofizika", Ph.D., associate professor
Alexandr Eydus General Director JSC ôVSAT-TEL", Ph.D., associate professor

constellation, phased array, electrically scanning antennas

Published: Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016

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