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Highly informative communication systems HTS and LEO / MEO-HTS: Paper projects or cutting-edge area of the space industry
The Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation of December 14, 2016 hosted a conference dedicated to the problems of LEO/MEO-HTS.


Problems of realization and implementation LEO-HTS systems
The article discusses two main problems when creating LEO-HTS systems: Cheap subscriber segment for individual use and EMC of satellite GEO and HEO systems.


Customer-oriented attitude "Tricolor TV"

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #4, 2016 / стр.59

VSAT development trends

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #4, 2016 / стр.58

MEMS-based Space Launch Vehicle Guidance System Design Problem
Recently several new worldwide satellite internet projects (American one of Google and SpaceX, British OneWeb and Russian Yaliny) have been started. Each project is based on network of dozens of small satellites.In order to run smoothly broken satellites must be promptly replaced with new ones.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #3, 2016 / стр.58-62

Mobile satellite communication system Iridium: 18 years on service in space
For many years mobile communication system Iridium remains operational in orbit. In this article we analyzed Iridium constellation and satellite vehicles maneuvers in orbit.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #2, 2016 / стр.56-61

Realizing opportunities
With the commissioning of satellite operation Yamal-401, Gazprom Space Systems completed an important step in its development, to implement a program of renovation and expansion of orbital constellation of satellites Yamal.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #2, 2016 / стр.54-55

Assessment of the "Globalstar" constellation and related limitation of subscribers services
Personal mobile satellite communication system Globalstar has 18 years of developement history. During this time different events strongly influenced the shape of this communication system.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #1, 2016 / стр.58-63

Features of construction and operation of the orbital constellation of satellite communications systems
An overview of the most common variants of construction of the orbital space segment of satellite communications systems based on non-geostationary satellites.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.72-87

New technological trends of the Earth remote sensing
In 1960-70-ies the Soviet Union occupied the leading position in the world of the Earth remote sensing (ERS). Currently these positions are lost. Russia belongs to no more than 1–2% of the market of ERS.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.68-70

TV Broadcast via modern russian satellites

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.67

Business Models and Value Chains as Applied to the Contemporary Satellite Applications

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.62-66

Choosing a reliable insurer – the key to success

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.60-61

The tasks and directions of development VSAT-TEL
Summarized information about VSAT-TEL and directions of its development. It was noted that today the scientific and technical potential of the company allows to solve problems, not only in any segment of the satellite industry, but also the objectives of the organization of terrestrial networks.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.57-58

Quick Deploy Flyaway VSAT Station SNARK-100

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.57

New universal antennas for Ku- and Ka-band

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.55

Full-motion antenna systems of RadiComm Technologies Ltd.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.52-54

Application of LTE technology for the VSAT-networks development
The analysis of the development of VSAT networks, which are implemented on the basis of the HTS satellites. It is noted that the HTS satellites resource significantly exceeds the level of demand today and in the future.

Communication Technologies & Equipment Magazine #4, 2016 / стр.60-66

JUPITER System for 3G/LTE networks

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.50-51

Satellite direct TV broadcasting in the United States, Europe and Russia
In the article has been analysis of the development of Satellite direct TV broadcasting in the USA, Europe and Russia in the last few years. It is shown that DTH is the main driver of the market of satellite communication and broadcasting in the twenty first century.

Satellite Communication & Broadcasting-2016 / стр.44-49

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