Andrey Miroshkin
CEO & Owner
Groteck Business Media
Groteck Business Media is a leading B2B publisher and business events organizer, serving security, telecom, IT and broadcasting, building, transport, oil-and-gas markets in Russia since 1992.
  • Groteck offers a wide range of professional publications. Distribution of publications realizes through the system of qualified subscription.
  • We produce more than 50 information-analytical bulletins with a circulation of over 3,000 copies distributed by subscription.
  • Groteck operates 4 events (All-over-IP Expo, TB Forum and InfoSecurity Russia, ZUBR National Security Awards) per year with the total number of participants of more than 22,500 professionals of the key sectors of the Russian economy.
  • Groteck is the owner of 4 Web industry portals, ranked in the top ten of the resources in their area.
  • We take part in 140 events (exhibitions, conferences) in a year.

Due to the active work of our employees, we provide Russian professionals with necessary and current information. The information in our publications influences decisions about buying a product or service. Readers are constantly considered publications as the most useful source of information among others.

Groteck innovative approach to business events ensures maximum ROI for exhibitors, sponsors and visitors  an ultimate presence and publicity, customer pre-qualification, leads generation and awareness, marketing benefits of Groteck print and online media.

Generating highest returns on marketing investments, reinforcing the brand positioning and building a loyal customer base in Russia are among top 3 reasons why global vendors choose Groteck Business Media services.

Groteck does not control the creation and development of communities. We are creating a point of attraction, around which there is the self-organization of professionals, and we provide the necessary structural and organizational support.

We are dedicated to the development and in our immediate plans consider improving the quality and increasing the volume of services provided to our clients. We also intend to expand our social activities aimed at maintaining a continuous dialogue between the state, business and society. Alignment of interests of different levels of government, suppliers and customers, representatives of Russian and Western business communities; assisting governments in building the information society and the new economy in Russia - we already have the experience of successful solution of these problems, and we continue to work in these areas.