Acting Editor-in-chief
Anpilogov Valentin Romanovich
Date of birth
Place of birth Moscow
Lives in Moscow
Basic education
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA), 1972, Specialty radio technology  
PhD Ph.D. (1982). Subject: Increased uniformity of group delay in the communication satellite repeaters
At the junction of specialties 05.12.07 and 05.12.13
Academic rank
Senior Researcher (1992) Associate Professor
Workplace 1966-1978
JSC "Russian Space Systems"
2000 - till present JSC "VSAT-TEL"
Senior Engineer
Head of Department
Deputy General Director
Scientific specialization
Radio systems and devices, antennas and microwave technology, data transmission systems, satellite communications and broadcasting, space information systems, microwave imaging 
Experience of scientific activities in accordance with the groups of specialties:
 05.11.00; 05.12.00; 05.13.00
Engineering activities Development of microwave devices for RRS (1966-1978).
Development of antennas and microwave devices for space and terrestrial communications systems (1978-1989).
Development of devices and subsystems of space and ground-based (1989-2000)
Overall experience
Participation in Russian projects
Creating equipment for communications and broadcasting satellites Horizon, Express; for relay satellites Altair (Ray), Helios; for the space station Mir, Buran, ISS, for the control system "Sea Launch"
Shown open systems
Participation in international projects
Working together with Intelsat regarding harmonization of operating conditions a satellite communications network "Banker";

Working together in Boeing and Kvarner Govan project "Sea Launch" (1996-2000);

Works in conjunction with the Institute of Space Systems in China (Xi'an) to develop antennas for space applications (1998);

Works in conjunction with the Carolinas Medical Center (USA) in terms of the layout of the microwave imager (1994-1995)
Publications More than 100 publications, 17 patents during 1972-2015 At the beginning of 2015 SCIENCE INDEX: 43 publications, h-index 3
Editorial activity
Editor-in-Chief of the annual publication "Satellite Communication and Broadcasting" in the magazine "Radiotekhnica" (1996-2000),
 Member of the Editorial Board, acting editor-in-chief of "Communication Technology & Equipment Magazine" (2000- till present)  
Verification of professional qualification and research activities "Honorary Radio Operator", Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements, medals Ryazan, Gagarin

expert fund Skolkovo,
expert of the Government working group on satellite communications