Magazine "Communication Technologies and Equipment" (CTE) is the analytical scientific and technical journal  for a wide range of communication industry experts, corporate customers of telecommunications services and IT-solutions and government agencies.

The magazine is published since 1997 with circulation of 20 000. Simultaneously with the printed edition of the "CTE" magazine since 2008 readers can use a convenient electronic format - iMag It's a full version of magazine, including promotional material with active links to the websites of participating companies. Access to electronic edition is free, electronic archive contains issues since 2006.

Frequency: 7 issues per year, including a special edition of "Satellite communications and broadcasting".

The "CTE" magazine reflects current topics on telecommunications and information technologies. It presents materials on telecommunication systems and technologies, analyzes the issues of government regulation, and presents analytical materials, reflecting the state and prospects of markets' development, technical review of equipment from different manufacturers, and so on, directly or indirectly associated with the industry "Communication". Editorial pays special attention to world trends and prospects of telecommunications and IT- technologies development in Russia, which are reflected in the papers and discussion papers.

The "CTE" magazine provides a platform for communication of manufacturers, distributors and integrators with corporate and government customers in different business areas. In the sections "Industry Focus" and "Special Projects" we are giving consumers the opportunity to talk about their interests, implementation plans in the short term, difficulties they have faced, benefits from the introduction of new technologies, equipment, services and systems.

Since 2012 the magazine pays increased attention to scientific and technical publications in the field of telecommunications to improve the relevance of scientific research in universities and enhance the prestige of the Russian Education and Science.