Rules for the preparation and review articles

1. Information about authors (in Russian and English):
 full name of the author / authors;
 job position and full name of the organization;
 e-mail address.

2. Title of the article in English and Russian.

3. Abstracts in Russian and English.

4. Key words / phrases for each publication in Russian and English.

5. Subject Headings (UDC code)

6. Presence of references / bibliographic lists to the article. References and bibliographies are made according to GOST 7.0.5-2008. .

7. Text materials should be presented in MS Word format.

8. Pictures and graphics should be in pdf format, but with an approval of editorial board other options may be allowed.

9. All manuscripts undergo a preliminary examination. According to the results of the examination comments and proposals on the revision of the manuscript are sent to the author.

10. The final scientific review is carried out after a preliminary revision of the manuscript.

11. The recommended size of the manuscript up to 30 000 characters.

12. Before sending the manuscript to the editor the author should take a look at "Public offer for authors" and "Procedure for the review" .